A well-lit breakfast spread with a variety of dishes and beverages on a wooden table.

USA Breakfast Trends: What’s New in 2024?

Finding the right breakfast can be hard.

A fact shows us that breakfast trends in America are changing fast.

This article will guide you through what’s new and exciting in 2024’s breakfast scene, helping you make better morning food choices.

Let’s Begin

Key Takeaways

  • In 2024, Americans are choosing more savory breakfast options like tacos with eggs and sausage instead of sweet ones.

  • There is a big trend toward plant – based meals for breakfast, with people picking almond milk yogurts and veggie burgers as their first meal.

  • Restaurants now offer all – day breakfast menus, so you can enjoy morning foods at any time. Fast food places like Wendy’s and Taco Bell are part of this movement.

  • The pandemic had a big impact on breakfast habits in the USA, making people eat at home more and try new kinds of foods.

  • People want to mix global flavors with traditional American dishes for breakfast, creating new taste experiences.

The Shift in America’s Breakfast Habits

America’s breakfast habits are changing fast. The pandemic made us rethink our morning routines, leading to new and exciting food mixes. Now, people enjoy meals that mix tastes from around the world with traditional American dishes.

This change shows how diverse and open we’ve become in choosing what to eat after waking up.

In 2024, you’ll see more savory items on your breakfast plate instead of just sweet pastries or cereals. Plant-based options like nut milks and meat substitutes are gaining fans every day.

Restaurants now tempt us with menus offering all-day breakfast, meaning you can have pancakes for dinner if that’s what you crave! These trends reflect our growing desire for varied, healthy, and convenient meal choices any time of the day.

Impact of the pandemic

The pandemic changed how people eat breakfast in the USA. More folks started eating at home because many places were closed. They had time to try new foods and think about what they were eating.

People wanted food that was good for them and easy to make. Oat milk, plant-based proteins, and gluten-free options became more popular.

People also used the internet more to find out about different types of breakfasts from around the world. They learned recipes online and made dishes like avocado toast, overnight oats, and breakfast bowls at home.

Food delivery services got busier as some still wanted restaurant food without going out. Breakfast wasn’t just for mornings anymore; all-day breakfast became a thing people loved.

Emergence of new combinations

A well-laid breakfast table with plates of eggs, beans, pancakes, and fresh juice under warm lighting.

New breakfast combinations are popping up everywhere. People are mixing global flavors with American staples like eggs and bacon, creating exciting meals. They want foods that match their quick lifestyles but also care for their health.

This leads to lots of new tastes at the breakfast table, from corned beef hash with pickled veggies to parmesan-flavored hot cereal.

Restaurants and fast-food outlets are catching on too. Places like IHOP and Burger King now offer dishes that mix traditional American cuisine with food trends from around the world.

Consumers looking for healthier food choices find plant-based milks and gluten-free breads in their morning meals more often. These changes show how much everyone’s tastes and needs are evolving in the breakfast scene.

Top USA Breakfast Trends for 2024

A spread of various dishes including roasted meat, eggs, and vegetables on a wood table.

In 2024, Americans are loving savory morning meals more than ever. Think dishes like tacos with eggs and sausage instead of the usual sweet pancake stacks. Also, there’s a big move toward foods that come from plants.

More people are choosing almond milk yogurts and burgers made from veggies for their first meal.

Another cool trend is eating “morning” foods any time of day. Places like Netta Cheta’s on Mill a popular breakfast restaurant in Tempe, AZ is now serving breakfast favorites all day long, so you can have an egg sandwich for dinner if you want!

These changes show that what we eat in the morning is getting more exciting and varied every year.

Popularity of savory breakfasts

Hearty breakfast spread with eggs, toast, fruit, and coffee on a wooden table.

More people enjoy savory breakfast foods now. Foods like fried eggs, chorizo, and even tacos from Taco Bell are becoming morning favorites. These foods fill you up and give a tasty start to the day.

Restaurateurs see this trend and offer more savory options on their menus. This change meets consumer preferences for hearty meals early in the day. With flavors that wake up your taste buds, savory breakfasts make mornings exciting.

Increase in plant-based alternatives

Two women smiling and selecting fresh produce at a market stall.

After seeing savory breakfasts gain popularity, there’s a growing trend for plant-based options. People are choosing alternatives like soy and almond milk over traditional dairy products.

They’re also enjoying meals made with gluten-free flours and plant-based creamers in their morning coffee. This shift is not just about taste. It reflects a deeper concern for health, sustainability, and food allergies.

Brands like Smucker and fast-food chains such as Wendy’s are adding more vegan choices to their menus. These include meat substitutes that taste like the real thing but are made from plants.

Meal kits designed for quick preparation now offer vegetarian options, making it easier to enjoy a plant-based breakfast even on busy mornings. This move towards greener eating habits shows no sign of slowing down as more people become aware of its benefits for both personal health and the planet.

Rise of all-day breakfast menus

Menu of netta's restaurant showcasing various breakfast, dinner, and dessert options available at night.

As more people choose plant-based diets, restaurants now offer breakfast foods all day. This trend lets health-conscious eaters enjoy their favorite meals whenever they want. A full-service restaurant in Tempe like Netta Cheta’s on Mill is leading this movement.

They know customers love the flexibility of eating breakfast for dinner or lunch.

All-day breakfast menus also support different diet plans, such as keto or low-carbohydrate options. These menus often include high-fiber choices and iced coffees that fit well within these dietary restrictions.

By offering diverse menus, fast food places cater to vegetarians and those avoiding certain allergens. This approach helps cut down on food waste while promoting sustainable growth in the food and beverage industry.


A man in a military uniform serves pancakes to a young girl at a family breakfast table.

Exploring the breakfast trends in the USA for 2024 shows us a lot. People now enjoy savory meals and plant-based options more than ever. Restaurants serve breakfast all day, meeting everyone’s tastes and schedules.

Changes like these tell us that Americans keep looking for new foods to start their day right. This journey into new breakfast choices makes every morning exciting and full of possibilities.


In 2024, people in the USA are loving breakfasts that include prebiotics and foods fitting into keto diets. Quick-serve restaurants and fine dining places are adding these options to their menus.

Ketogenic diets focus on eating more fats and fewer carbs, which many find helpful for staying energetic throughout the day. That’s why more folks are choosing keto-friendly meals to start their day.

Restaurants, from quick-serve spots to fine dining establishments, are updating their menus with prebiotic-rich foods and keto diet options to meet customer demands.

Yes! Market research using artificial intelligence helps identify what people like for breakfast by analyzing data on recent food choices, making it easier for restaurants to serve up what customers want.